Sell More !

Do you want to increase your sales by 5?

Of course, but how? Simply by securing the loyalty of your visitors...

You spent time and money to optimize your WEB site. Nice ! You have therefore hundreds, or even thousands of visitors per day... visitors who pass and who do not come back

Thanks to the Autoresponder, you secure the loyalty of your visitors by sending them emails in an automatic way. You create a relation and, finally, you transform them into customers and you blow up your sales!

3 Simple Steps for an efficient Mailing Campaign :

Write your messages
of revival only once...

Insert a simple HTML code in a capture page

Let the Autoresponder machine send emails
with the rythm that you chose...

The Autoresponder "Pour Ecrire 1 Mot" (that means "write a small message" in French) is probably the easier and the cheaper. No useless features, no fashion design, only efficiency.

Try it, UNLIMITED and FREE for 1 month

The first month is totally FREE. Further subscription will cost from 3,99 € to 9,99 € per month depending on the commitment

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